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About Us

We Build for People

Peoples Solar is committed to help others transition from to renewable energy options.  It ultimately is a win-win for the end user and the environment.

 Spending money and investing in the idea of renewable energy can be intimidating.  I use a simple analogy to express my view on the rational of this type of investment.  Simply put; if you could purchase a vehicle brand new, knowing that you will be paid back monthly for that vehicle over the next 25 years or more, would you make that investment.  What if you could calculate a return on investment 3 and 4 times your initial costs?  Would you consider that?  Our clients see that type of Return on Investment (ROI) easily surpassing their expectations..  In addition, the value of your residence or property is increased by reducing the liability of cost  for your energy needs.  

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Renewable energy is the future.  In addition to standby systems that can keep your home or business operating when the utility is not available or temporarily out of service. 

Wether grid tie systems or completely off the grid, Peoples Solar can find solutions to meet your needs.

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