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Building a Renewable  Future

Changing, How we power our lives since 2009

Solar Is What We Do

Peoples Solar is Passionate when it comes to helping home owners obtain solar and save money on their utility costs. We do this by offering the most affordable solar packages without cutting corners on product quality. 

Solar Investment Basics

In the solar industry the cost and pricing of solar products and installation vary greatly.  This business was started because of the ridiculously high cost to put solar on my own home.  My adjusted (out of pocket expense) for a 6KW solar system in 2005 was $9.000.00.  This did not just happen. I had received three estimates between $35,000.00 and $45,000.00 to put solar on my home.  I believed at those prices solar was simply to expensive.  Thankfully, I did not stop there.  I contacted Solar product manufacturers, distributors and friends in the electrical engineering industry.  After about 4 months I installed my own system using the best solar products in the market at a initial expense of $16,000.00.  After a federal tax credit (still available today) and rebates from my utility provider my out of pocket was only $9,000.00...  That system eliminated a $3,300.00 a year in energy costs from my home.   My business started when anyone that heard my story asked my help for their own solar projects. The best part was the increase in value of my residence.  I sold that home for nearly $150,000.00 above similar homes without solar.  



Solar projects require planning and careful designing to ensure the best performance and customer satisfaction.  Those panels and systems will most likely be there for decades.  Peoples Solar is committed to taking the time to accurately plan each solar project.  We start by performing a site visit and assessment of your project for maximum sun exposure and adequate installation requirements.  Sizing your system to meet your expectations and power generation needs.  



I know from my own experience that many of our customers are ready and capable to perform all or part of their own solar project.  Peoples Solar is unique in that it will work with the DIY customer and provide technical knowledge and how to step by step installation assistance.  We recommend that a qualified licensed electrician perform electrical installation work if the DIY does not know for sure on their own.  Our site plans provide all the necessary installation from wire size to structural considerations.

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Call us and ask how we can assist your projects.  We can have materials tailored to your project needs shipped right to the project site.  

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Who We Are

Professional Site Plans

We are a small business that works directly with our customers.  We work hard to keep our costs as low as possible.  Most of our projects cost out below the national average of $2.50 to $3.50 per watt including installation.  The hope is that our service will help homeowners become energy independent and save thousands  of dollars in energy costs over the lifetime of their system.


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed

Rick Diamond

CEO, Peoples Solar

Commercial Installation

Residential Installation

Pre-Analysis and Site Plans

Site Management

Special Projects

Infrastructure Planning and Considerations

Materials Delivered Right to your project site.

What We do

Our Projects

Our Goal is to design and provide services for Solar Systems that will meet the needs of our customers and save them money for years to follow.  We take pride in our work and customer service.


Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

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